Prosperous Soul CD

Auteur: Stephen De Silva
Informatie: Multiset CD | 7 discs
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In this 7-part series, Stephen De Silva teaches on the broad subject of stewardship using his unique approach to wealth.  Biblical truth, fresh revelation, and prophetic acts provide students of this series with new levels of breakthrough overcoming the spirit of poverty, the spirit of Mammon, and many mysteries of riches and wealth.

Sessions Include:

1. Releasing the Dreamer

2. Trouble with Money
A fresh perspective to the two opposing world economics (Babylonian and Kingdom) in a clear and concise survey from Genesis to Revelation.

3. Spirit of Poverty
Is money so corrosive that it destroys lives? And if so, why would our good Father ever give us such a snake as riches?

4.  Roots of Trust

5. Bound in Spirit
What would it look like if power (wealth) were passed into your hands right now?  The answer lies in what binds you in spirit.

6. Spirit of Mammon

7. Dominion
In dominion, we are positioned for God to sponsor our stewardship with the miraculous.

*Prosperous Soul Stewardship Series

Number of CDs: 7
Number of DVDs: 7