Praying for the brain

Auteur: Jeffrey Barsch
Informatie: Paperback | 108 p. | US letter format
Artikelnummer: PBM
Prijs: € 19.50

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This book is about the brain and how specific prayer techniques can help wounded learners grow and prosper. This book is unlike traditional discussions about prayer both in perspective and content. In recent years Dr. Barsch has had the joy of helping at-risk students a Christian High School using the power of prayer. This setting has provided a fertile avenue for the Lord to move in healing students’ brains in an educational setting. Case studies will be shared of prayer methods that have allowed each student to dramatically improve their academic grades without tutorial intervention. This book includes examples of hands-on praying for the brain that can be used at home, prayer lines at church, or school settings. While this is not labelled as a Sozo resource, we have found it very effective when used alongside Sozo.