Advanced Sozo DVD

Auteur: Dawna DeSilva, Theresa Liebscher
Informatie: Multiset DVD | 8 dvd's | Geen ondertitels
Artikelnummer: ASDVD
Prijs: € 103.50

Korte beschrijving:

The Advanced Sozo teaching draws from years of deliverance that Dawna DeSilva and Teresa Liebscher have progressed through. This set builds upon the Basic Sozo teachings and is meant to be a powerful resource for the furthering of your own deliverance/inner healing ministry.

New Resources Include: Healing post-traumatic stress, dealing with early childhood beliefs, breaking free of curses and familiar spirits, prophetic deliverance and ministering to disassociative individuals. An added benefit of the advanced series is the Shabar Ministry tools which are included.


Disc 1: Review of Basic Sozo Tools, Divine Editing & Triggering Mechanisms
Disc 2: Prophetic Sozo
Disc 3: Prophetic Deliverance & Demo
Disc 4: Breaking Curses
Disc 5: Financial Sozo
Disc 6: Shabar Intro
Disc 7: Shabar Q&A
Disc 8: Shabar Demo

De handleiding/ manual dient als werkboek bij de training

Aantal dvd's:8

* De dvd's zijn zeer goed bruikbaar voor groepstraining.