Artiest: NewWine UK 2005
Informatie: Integrity | UK | Nov. 2005
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Live registratie van aanbidding tijdens NewWine UK 2005. Aanbiddingleiders o.a Kathryn Scott, Martyn Layzell, Nigel Briggs, Jules Woodbridge and Naomi Lippett.

In summer 2005 around 25,000 people attended the New Wine conferences. With passionate worship, inspirational teaching and ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit, New Wine 2005 was a time of refreshment and envisioning for churches up and down the country and beyond.
Captured on this CD, Hope reflects some of the awesome times of encountering God through worship that those gathered at the various venues experienced, and represents a recording of songs that will stand the test of time as they are used, week in, week out, in the worshipping life of the local church.

Tracks list Hope

  1. Your Grace is Enough
  2. God be Gracious (Everything We're Living For)
  3. You Never Let Go
  4. Breathe On Me
  5. I Can Feel You Flowing Through Me
  6. I Stand in Awe (Who Can Know)
  7. How Great is Our God
  8. Lost in Wonder
  9. Love Divine
  10. I Have Been Redeemed
  11. Speak to This Heart

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