Surprised by the Voice of God

Artiest: Jack Deere
Informatie: Paperback | 432 pag. | 2006 | Kingsway
Artikelnummer: 9781842912850
Onze prijs: € 17.90

Korte beschrijving:

How do you feel when God is speaking to you? How do you distinguish  his voice from your feelings, the opinions of others, or even dark spiritual forces?
Jack Deere combines balanced biblical teaching with stories of people who have learned to trust God's voice today. he brings his own pastoral experience to bear on the question, 'How do I hear from God for mysyelf and for those to whom I minister?'

Deere identifies our hindrances to hearing the Holy Spirit and calls us beyond them to a more intimate relationship with God. Filled with fascinating stories and personal accounts, Surprised by the Voice of God is for all who want to walk in the dynamic scope of Christianity.