Surprise by the Power of the Spirit

Artiest: Jack Deere
Artikelnummer: 9781842912706
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What caused a professor in a conservative evangelical theological college to change his mind about the Holy Spirit so radically that he had to leave?

This book explains why one theologian came to believe in signs and wonders for today. But more than that, it is a profound biblical apologetic, arguing carefully and courteously for the view that the Holy Spirit's supernatural gifts did not cease in New Testament times. Dr Deere serves Christians on both sides of the debate, as he marks out pitfalls which threaten to hinder the present day supernatural ministry of the Holy Spirit.

Dr Deere's thesis is, in my opinion, irrefutable.; R. T. KENDALL, Minister Westminster Chapel, London

Narrative theology at its best; GORDON D. FEE, Professor of New Testament, Regent College