Power Healing

Artiest: John Wimber
Informatie: Paperback | 320 pag. | HarperCollins | 2006
Artikelnummer: 9780060695415
Onze prijs: € 17.95

Korte beschrijving:

An illuminating and inspiring look at the power of divine healing.
John Wimber’s second book is a compelling argument for the biblical practice of the healing ministry. He addresses the questions that Christians ask about this controversial aspect of church life, reliving for us his own struggle to understand the nature of healing within the context of Christian faith. Power Healing dramatically relives his struggle to understand the nature of healing and how it brought him to a new understanding of why Jesus heals and how he heals through us. He explores healing in the Old Testament, offers an overview of healing by Jesus and the disciples, and discusses the healing that occurs in hospitals. This clear detailed and hands-on analysis is essential reading for anyone interested in Christian healing today.