Artiest: Steve Sjogren & Dave Ping
Informatie: Paperback | 240 pag. | Group | 2006
Artikelnummer: 9780764434044
Onze prijs: € 15.95

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Outward-focused living in a self-focused world. 
Here is your field guide to not reaching, but letting God's love fill you with joy that flows from you to your family, friends, neighbors, . . . world.
Written for everyday people, this book inspires readers to lead joyful, outward-focused lives, powerfully connected with family and friends...and in those connections, to naturally share God's love. It's a simple, organic strategy -- and Biblical.

Outflow inspires a vision for living an outward focused life and provides practical tools to make that vision a reality with:

  1. A clear image (an overflowing fountain) that cements in the mind the five-step process by which readers can move from an inward to an outward focus
  2. 25 readings that support a five-week Outflow focus, and
  3. Labs - practical activities readers can do to live an outward focus with their family, community, friends, and the world at large

About the Authors...
Steve Sjogren pioneered Servant Evangelism at a church that grew from a handful of members to more than 5,000 members using Outflow principles.

Dave Ping is Director of Equipping Ministries International. More than 130,000 leaders have benefited from Dave's practical training.

Outflow: outward-focused living in a self-focused world
Dedications and Acknowledgments

Week 1          a life overflowing
Reading 1: Experiencing Outflow
Reading 2: Your Life Can Flow
Reading 3: Blessings Flow
Reading 4: The Water Thief
Reading 5: The Judas Factor
The Deep End: Take a Walk
Group Discussion Questions

Week 2          outward toward God

Reading 6: Jerusalem
Reading 7: Listening to a Still, Small Voice
Reading 8: Loving the One Who Loved You First
Reading 9: Sharing It All With God
Reading 10: Serving God With Love
The Deep End: A Reflection on Relationship
Group Discussion Questions

Week 3          outward toward family and friends
Reading 11: Judea 
Reading 12: The Value of Listening
Reading 13: Loving Family and Friends Toward Jesus
Reading 14: Sharing Jesus With Those You Love
Reading 15: Serving Wholeheartedly
The Deep End: Free BBQ!
Group Discussion Questions

Week 4          outward toward your community
Reading 16: Samaria
Reading 17: Listening to Strangers
Reading 18: Loving Your City
Reading 19: Share the Party
Reading 20: Serving Your City Through Vision
The Deep End: Water Give-Away
Group Discussion Questions

Week 5          outward toward your world
Reading 21: The Ends of the Earth
Reading 22: Listening for a Change
Reading 23: Love in Action
Reading 24: Sharing With Everyone!
Reading 25: A Lifetime of Serving Your World
The Deep End: Minute-by-Minute Missions
Group Discussion Questions