Knowing Christ Today

Artiest: Dallas Willard
Informatie: HarperCollins | 256 pag. | Hardcover
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Why We Can Trust Spiritual Knowledge
"SERIOUS AND THOUGHTFUL CHRISTIANS today find themselves in a quandry....In the context of modern life and thought, they are urged to treat their central belief as something other than knowledge—somethig, in fact, far short of knowledge. Those beliefs are to be relegated to the categories of sincere opinion, emotion, blind commitment, or behavior traditional for their social group. And yet they cannot escape the awareness that those beliefs do most certainly come into conflict with what is regarded as knowledge in educational and professional circles of public life. This conflict has profound effect upon how they hold and practice religious beliefs and how they present them to others." —from the Introduction

In this groundbreaking book, the renowned philosopher, teacher, and bestselling author Dallas Willard answers the central questions facing the church today—is the Gospel true? Willard argues that Christian spiritual ideals, while unique, are truths comparable to other intellectual disciplines such as science and philosophy. When treated as such, Christian beliefs become something more than merely personal opinion or personal preference—they become a reliable source of knowledge that should be granted the same authority as those other disciplines. Willard address the difficult questions of Christian pluralism (the challenge of other faiths) and how we can know God exists.

In Knowing Christ Today, Willard has written the definitive defense of the faith for our time. He takes stock of our cultural definition of "knowledge" and "morality" and reveals how the poor regard for religion and truth have more to do with bias and prejudice than with rational arguments. Restoring faith and morality to issues of truth, Willard challenges us to overcome this ignorance and reclaim our faith and morality as people of God.

Table of Contents
Introduction 1
1 Can Faith Ever Be Knowledge? 13
2 Exactly How We Perish for Lack of Knowledge 37
3 How Moral Knowledge Disappeared 65
4 Can We Know That God Exists? On the Way Back to Christ 95
5 The Miraculous, and Christ's Presence in Our World 117
6 Knowledge of Christ in the Spiritual Life 139
7 Knowledge of Christ and Christian Pluralism 169
8 Pastors as Teachers of the Nations 193
Notes 215
Acknowledgments 231
Subject Index 233
Scripture Index 243